A cold is a viral infection that causes a stuffy or runny nose, congestion, cough, sore throat, or sneezing.


Protective Blend, Thyme, Lemon, Melaleuca

Diffuse into the air.

Swallow 1–2 drops Protective Blend, melaleuca, or lemon with water or in a capsule.

Apply oils on throat, temples, forehead, sinuses, and below the nose.

Simple Solutions:

Blend 5 drops lemon and 5 drops thyme in 1 Tbs. (15 ml) jojoba oil. Apply a small amount to the throat, forehead, chest, and back of neck 2–3 times per day

The information on this page is from the book Modern Essentials: A
Contemporary Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils
, published
by AromaTools®. Please refer to Modern Essentials for additional
information, research, and usage suggestions.

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