An injury caused by the venom of bees or wasps (vespids), usually accompanied by pain and swelling. The stinger of the honeybee usually remains implanted and should be removed. Pain may be alleviated by application of an ice pack or a paste of sodium bicarbonate and water. Serious reactions may result from multiple stings, stings on some areas of the head, or the injection of venom directly into the circulatory system.


Roman Chamomile, Basil, Cleansing Blend

Remove stinger, and apply oil with a cold compress.

Simple Solutions:

Combine 2 drops Roman chamomile with 1/4 tsp. (1.5 g) baking soda and a few drops of water to make a paste. Scrape stinger from skin if still there, and apply paste on location. Cover with a cool, damp cloth; hold on location for 5–10 minutes

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2 Comments on “Bee Stings”

  1. My son was stung by a wasp on his forehead a couple of days ago. The swelling and redness were instant and painful. I applied lavender from a roller bottle diluted with FCO and put a couple of drops of roman chamomile on a cold washcloth and placed it on his forehead. Within minutes, pain and swelling were gone. An hour later, no one would even know he was stung.

  2. I made it to 60 without ever being stung. I felt something on my neck, and I was inside my pool enclosure, so instead of swatting, I grabbed it inside a closed fist in case it was a mosquito or some other bug I wanted to make sure didn’t bother me again. DUMB MOVE! It was a hornet!!! Sucker stung me on two fingers, on the inside part (facing each other) where it’s really sensitive! Dang did it hurt. I forget if I lunged for the ME app or the ME book, but I think I applied all 3 of these suggestions for good measure. The pain IMMEDIATELY subsided, and I could barely even see where I was stung the next day, but the pain was gone! Floored again by the results of our amazing and beloved oils!! And very grateful for the awesome advice!

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