Anxiety is the body’s way of preparing itself to deal with a threat or to deal with future stressful events. While this response is normal and happens as part of the body’s natural response to stress, this response can also happen at inappropriate times or too frequently, as in the case of anxiety disorders. Anxiety can include both physical and mental symptoms such as fear, nervousness, nausea, sweating, increased blood pressure and heart rate, feelings of apprehension or dread, difficulty concentrating, irritability, restlessness, panic attacks, and many others.


Lavender, Orange, Restful Blend, Lemon, Reassuring Blend, Encouraging Blend, Focus Blend, Massage Blend, Joyful Blend, Grounding Blend, Respiratory Blend

Diffuse into the air, and inhale directly.

Use oils in a massage or in a bath.

Simple Solutions:

Diffuse lavender in an aromatherapy diffuser when feeling anxious.

Combine 5 drops orange and 10 drops lemon with 1 tsp. (5 ml) water in a small spray bottle, and spray into the air and inhale as need

The information on this page is from the book Modern Essentials: A
Contemporary Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils
, published
by AromaTools®. Please refer to Modern Essentials for additional
information, research, and usage suggestions.

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3 Comments on “Anxiety”

  1. Grounding Blend is my MUST HAVE oil. I had been dealing with this condition and dr/medications for months. Grounding blend daily gave me what I couldn’t get from other sources…relief! Also Joyful blend in the car os a great support oil.

  2. A friend is applying for a promotion and usually is very nervous about any change in job site. She has been using the new peace blend every day for a couple of weeks now and has noticed a huge ease in her physical discomfort from worrying. What a tremendous relief as now she can focus on her current job better while she applies herself to try for an advancement.

  3. I received a fabulous testimonial from a customer over the weekend. Her son suffers from severe nervousness and anxiety. The new restful blend has been amazing for him. He has been able to use it and right away feel the calmness slow his heart beat down to a normal pace!

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