The information on this page is from the book Modern Essentials: A
Contemporary Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils
, published
by AromaTools®. Please refer to Modern Essentials for additional
information, research, and usage suggestions.

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5 Comments on “Lemon”

  1. Only been with the company for about 2months and the lemon was gone awhile ago. In my monthly order. I use it to disinfect as I have 2 pets and it is awesome. I use it to cook such as a few drops on salmon. I am now looking to make some cleaning products with it as well! One of my favorites and am in withdraw right now!

  2. I use lemon to boost the cleaning power of my shampoo and it makes my hair so shiny and clean. I do this once a week to cut all of th hair product buildup out and clarify my hair!

  3. Used lemon oil to remove old stickers my children had put on their dressers years ago. Allow the lemon oil to penetrate and dissolve the old adhesive.

  4. Love my lemon from drinks to baking to cleaning. Great garbage disposal cleaner. Windows!! Need I say more……number one favorite oil by far!!!!

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