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    May 18, 2017 at 8:14 am #5530
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    I was diagnosed with Barrett’s a few years ago, and put on PPI’s. They taste like chemicals, but I didn’t feel I had any options. Once introduced to CPTG essential oils, I started with peppermint oil in my water every day. I added Digestive Enzyme Complex with each meal, and after a few months, I added in the Cellular Vitality Complex. These are my ongoing mainstay. I eventually went off my PPI, except when I know I’m going to be eating food that triggers digestive issues. My last gastroscopy was clear, and my doc said to keep doing what I was doing! Certain foods still trigger some discomfort, and I use the Digestive tabs when needed. I’m still working on tweaking things…….if I could only avoid those trigger foods!!