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    I’m curious what oils are used for dogs, what’s the safe amount… for relaxing, bathing them, etc… basically any experience you have would be great!

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    EO Tools

    AromaTools sells an “Essential Oils for Dogs & Cats” tear sheet pad that’s loaded with tons of useful information from a Veterinarian that uses oils on her animals. It addresses dilution, what oils are safe to use on dogs (and cats) and what oils to avoid, various ways to use oils on your dog, etc

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    I’ve used the “itchy paw” mixture for years. Especially during allergy season. Stops her from chewing her paws every time she walks in grass. white vinegar, peroxide, water, peppermint oil and lavender.

    I use soothing blend for her joint pain. She gets a childrens chewable every morning and I put digestive blend in her water. My vet is holistic and loves what I’m doing with her.

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    The oil I use most often on my dog is the Digestive Blend. He has kind of a nervous belly and a day or so after a stressful event he will refuse to eat and you can hear is belly popping and gurgling and rumbling. I put a drop of DigestZen in the palm of my hand, rub them together and then rub my hands over his belly and up his chest and under his neck. It usually doesn’t take more than 3-4 minutes after I apply the oil before he’s at his bowl ready for breakfast! This oil has been a lifesaver for me…until I discovered this he’d refuse to eat and end up weak and at the vet getting a nausea shot and sub q fluid for dehydration.

    I also use Serenity on the pads of his feet prior to him going to the groomer for a bath. He’s a pug so he doesn’t like his feet being touched so the trick my mom came up with is to put a drop of oil in the palm of your hand then grab his foot, him pulling his foot out of your hand applies the oil to the pad of his foot. I do this to both front paws and then pet him with the hand that had the oil on it so he also gets the aromatic benefit of the Serenity as well. They are able to bath him and trim his nails successfully and prior to this I was having to give him a large dose of trazadone and taking him to the vet for them.

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