• February 28, 2017 at 7:52 am #4126
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    I cannot remember when I got my first free bottle of Arborvitae, but I do remember how much fun I had reading up on the science of it’s essential oil benefits.
    Unfortunately, when I opened the bottle, it smelled like a cross between turpentine and medicine, so I kept it in the first slot of my essential oil box and did not give it anymore thought until ringworm came up in a consultation.
    Through sampled experiments (“I would guess you should put a drop on it at night before bed and in the morning after your shower”), we discovered that 1 day with 2 applications removed the itch, 2 days removed the ring flare, 3 days removed all evidence, and 4 days removed all the being freaked out by the ringworm.
    The spot had been present on and off for 14 years. No over the counter or prescription had ever affectively dealt with her afflicted area that was smaller than a dime.
    Arborvitae is now a must have when I travel for fungal prevention in hotels. Nothing like a 14 year old case of ringworm to get you feeling pro-active.

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