+ Added change log for future update tracking
+ Changed menu item “Oils and Blends” to “Oil Guide”
+ Added carrier oil section to the oil guide
+ Updated links throughout the usage guide for the newly added carrier oils
+ Fixed various typos, broken links, and missing info throughout the usage guide section
+ Added intro video to the “Modern Essentials” page
+ Increased font size on the “Oil Guide” page.
+ Added Supplements Page
+ Added supplements Sub-Menu item under “Oil Guide”
+ Revamped the Oils & Blends Page and Menu items to be easier to navigate. Separated the topics onto different pages and created a tab search on the oil guide page
+ Increased global tab font size, color and weight
+ Increased font size for forum header text to make it easier to read.
+ Added alt colors to forum topics for easier viewing
+Added new “Ask Modern Essentials” forum topic. Feel free to ask us any Modern Essentials or Essential Oil usage questions and we will do our best to answer for you!
+Various bug fixes and background updates.